Sunday, January 28, 2007

Can I open it? No I can't

Can a consultant somewhere please explain how the Tupperware can opener works? This week I make a tit of myself at Leanne and Paul's party, when I cannot open a can of mandarin oranges for the Chocolate and Orange Cake. I give up and switch to their pound-shop plastic can opener!

Leanne has a cupboard full of old-style Space Savers (see above). Paul keeps dredging up cool vintage pieces from the bowels of their kitchen, including some very cute little Freezer Square Rounds only like something from a dolls' house. Their party goes really well, with a rowdy crowd made up mostly of their walking group. Leanne and Paul end up with rewards of about £80 worth of Tupperware for about £25.

To get to their house in Surrey, I take the train from London Bridge station, where I have to queue at ticket machine. It is 7pm on a Friday night, and all human life is there. Just before I get to the front of the queue, my phone rings. It's my friend Koh asking me to join him for a drink up West. I explain that I am on my way to a Tupperware party, and the heads of the young couple in front whip round. Ex-pat Australians, they have been looking for a source of Tupperware in London, so I hand over a catalogue and promise a free gift if they book a party.

This encounter, and the fact that this week's hostess Leanne hails originally from South Africa, reminds me about the Antipodean penchant for Tupperware, and when I get home I fire of emails to a couple of websites, magazines and radio stations aimed at the ex-pat crowd, and research some South African shops over in south west London, where I intend to drop off a few catalogues. I am also sad to hear this week that Collette, charming fellow consultant from South Africa, has decided to take a break from Tupperware for a while, and maybe forever.

At the Tupperware training day last week I was named number 6 consultant for personal sales for the year 2006. Seeing as I didn't start until May, I am pretty chuffed with that.


Anonymous said...

The only one I've been able to play with I was certain I'd not gotten to open the can with. Someone else took it and was able to pull the lid off, but I don't know if it was the work I'd done or if they'd truly opened it using the can opener. The TW can opener seems to undo the seal between the sides of the can and the lid, instead of actually cutting the lid from the sides like most of the ones I've seen here in the U.S. Once we tried just lifting the lid, which still had a bit of suction keeping it seemingly attached to the can, it popped right off. Good luck. I'd like an opportunity to play with it more, myself, as I'm not convinced I ever figured out how to work it.

The Saddest Girl said...

I'm not a consultant but I do have the can opener in question. It works to break the seal on the top of the can. so instead of having it sideways, you open up the canopener legs, rest it on the lid as opposed to flush with the can. close the legs and turn the turny-thing full-round the can. then open up the legs. You should see little metal beak on the side. Use that to grip the lid to pop it off. Hmm. I hope that made sense? Hard to explain without visuals.

Lindsey said...

A silly tit indeed you are! Even my 5 year old can use it!

1. Open the arms on the can opener

2. place butt up on the edge of the can. The circle in the u shape should be on the top and the wheel with the black stripe should be on the outside of the tin.

3. Put the arms together

4. It should be secure and you should be able to hold the can up in the air (oh its a tupperware trick!)

5. Turn the handle all the way round the can

and voila!

You will see that the can opener gives a straight cut all the way round and you just flick the lid with a fingernail.

Its neat and no sharp edges are left. The amazing world of tupperware eh!

Barb said...

Same thing happened to me at a party! Luckily it was an auction party and I gave extra money to the gust who figured it out. Felt like a complete idiot!!!

Aunt Barbara said...

The first time I demonstrated that can opener, I didn't realize that I had opened the can at all. I then proceeded to get a mandarin orange bath!

Oh, thanks for posting my video!